Saturday, May 10, 2008

Family Update May 08

Well, it's May. Spring in Mississippi brought lots and rain. The Mississippi has overflowed her banks with no signs of receding. I am awesomely amazed at the amount of water that has dropped from the sky this spring. It is reminiscent of the flood of '94. I was at GSU and though we got rain there, it was nothing like what my hometown of Albany, GA received. That is what we are experiencing now. I've taken some pictures of the River and will share them in a different post.

School is drawing to an end. Music Man is gearing up for third grade. I am very ready for this school year to end. This is the first year I have not enjoyed as far as school is concerned and I don't feel he made as much progress as he could have. I'll leave it at that and just say that I am ready for second grade to draw to a close. :)

Music Man has been playing tee ball on Tuesday nights at the Field of Dreams. It is an incredible all-inclusive ball program that allows all children (and young adults) to play. He is truly in his element here and enjoyed every minute of it.
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