Thursday, June 30, 2011

Decorating Dilemma: Mostly Mistreated Master Bedroom

So, months and months ago (before Christmas!!) I found some awesome linens at my local thrift store. There were multiple pieces (topsheets and several panels of curtains and though it was so not my typical style and color scheme, I snatched them up. I had been reading Nester for quite some and had been slowly gravitating towards more cool colors especially since there is a lot of dark paneling in our (rental) house. Well, there was no time to mess with them before Christmas so I put them "in a really good spot." (Do you ever do that?) This time I actually DID know that they were in a sewing tote. I just couldn't find THAT particular tote. But, I digress. Here it is JULY and I finally was able to lay my hands on them again. But my thoughts on my bedroom have changed about a dozen times since I bought these beautiful things and well now, I'm not sure.

Mostly Mistreated Master Curtain

I made my curtains during the week in January when we were snowed in. I had planned for them to be totally mistreated, but the fabric was raveling terribly and after months of looking, I couldn't find any affordable trim. I slightly mistreated them by hemming the edges and hanging them plain and simple with drape clips on a conduit curtain rod.

Eventually I will make this bed. I want to paint some large pieces of plywood or something to add some color in there too, kinda like fake walls. I am thinking a dark wood for the bed but may go with a distressed color - not sure yet.

I have an idea for my duvet cover which will be large pieced squares and machine quilted in all white. I cannot wait to get started on that!

An then today when I pulled my beloved fabric out, it had a creamy background instead of the white back ground I remembered.

Can you see through all those wrinkles?
I couldn't believe it. I was thinking all along it was a white background and that my white quilted duvet cover, white and taupe curtains, white bed skirt etc would be perfect. Now I'm not sure. 

Yes, those are empty frames. Still trying to decide what to do with them. I used the nail holes that were there so they are hanging a little wacky right now.
I just realized that you never seen cords in decorator blogs. Man, that looks awful!
Do they even have alarm clocks in their homes?
So what do you think? Does my fabric work even with the white? 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Judgement or Grace

I happened upon an awesome blog today. I feel like I am kindred spirits with her already. Jill Savage is an author of seven books including the latest one, Living with Less So Your family Has More. The particular post that got me was Let's replace judgment with grace.... It was a good slap in the face with where I am right now. Seriously. Check her out.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Start of Summer Boy Brunch

Several years ago the Mother's Day Out program Farm Boy was attending held a tea party for the moms around Mother's Day. Music Man was in school at the time and of course did not attend. That got him to thinking though and he really wanted to have a tea party. Well, we couldn't have a TEA PARTY since I had BOYS. So I had to come up with something else.

School was nearing the end and after hearing them talk and talk about tea parties for a few weeks, I came up with an End-of-School Boy Brunch. We had it on the Saturday after school was out.

The first year we had monkey bread and milk. I served them on glass plates with fancy (dollar store) stemware with a straw. There were fancy napkins and candles - nothing matched but they didn't care! It was a celebration. And summer began.

The next year we were still settling into our new life in Georgia and though we had it, I didn't take pictures. Our third annual Boy Brunch was held after Sports Camp last year and I again forgot to take pictures. I remember we ate cake though. I had just completed a cake decorating class at Micheal's.

We realized last year that it could no longer be and End-of-School Boy Brunch since now we homeschool and school year round. We aren't as formal in the summer, and usually most of take June off. But we work on math three days a week and read everyday throughout the summer.

This year's Boy Brunch was held June 1, 2011. We had doughnuts this year since I forgot to put the cinnamon rolls together before I went to bed. Insomnia does have its merits since I woke at 3:45AM and remembered I hadn't made the cinnamon rolls.

This is what happens when you are tired, double the amount of butter for a recipe and end up having to double the whole recipe in order to not throw out a whole stick of butter.
This is what happens when you are laughing so hard you have to take a picture for your blog, run to your computer to load the pics and don't remove the overflowing dough when you first see it.

And these are the happy boys enjoying the slightly yeast-y doughnuts for our4th Annual Start of Summer Boy Brunch.
Do you do something special for the end of school or the start of summer? How do you celebrate?

Oh and we have a winner! (You thought I forgot didn't you?)

Laura, please email me with your address and I will send your book out later today. Thanks again to Moe at Squeaky Gourmet for my first giveaway and to all who entered!  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Squeaky Gourmet (and a Giveaway) {CLOSED}

Fifteen years ago I met an amazing woman during the most trying period of my life. We both lost a son within a few months of each other and found ourselves on the same online pregnancy loss support board. Through the years, we have watched each other grow and change and do things in our respective lives that I'm sure we never dreamed we would do before our losses. One thing Maureen "Moe" Jeanson did was to transform her personal fitness.

I am an emotional eater. Following my loss, I gained and gained and gained. I wasn't just overweight. I was fat. A year later, I was tired of it and found a diet I could live with. It worked and I lost 46 pounds. But it wasn't a life change. I then got pregnant with my youngest and the pounds piled on again. And this time they stayed. I couldn't get back into the diet once my baby was born. We've all heard diets don't work. And I can tell you it is true.

Sweet Potato Fries with Applesauce Dip
Co-author, Jamie Wilson, was a client of Moe's and created these super yummy recipes. But Squeaky Gourmet is more than just a cookbook. It is full of super ideas and time-saving tips in a process she calls 'cooking efficiently.' It's a great way to plan your leftovers for quick and easy meals throughout the week. NO excuses for not eating healthy!!

I have never heard the term "foodie evangelist" but this is exactly what Moe is. I thought I understood the ins-and-outs of real food eating but she taught me a thing or two. Moe writes in a style that makes you feel like she's right there talking to you. And that's what I need. A guide, a cheerleader, a friend - encouraging me to do better for me and my family.

Peek inside the book or just go search her website for many a tasty recipe! The book splits the recipes up into categories and even gives a nutritional value pie chart - for this visual gal, it is quite a help! 

What the fudge
In my own struggle with whether or not to go gluten free, Squeaky Gourmet (and my own personal cheerleader, Moe) have given me hope! Read her blog, people. She will cheer you on too!!

Cranberry Cherry Granola

Squeaky Gourmet is available on her website (with free shipping!) or on

OK are you ready for some fun? It's my first giveaway! Moe sent me an extra copy to give away to y'all!

Here is what you have to do: leave a comment telling me why you would like to receive this book or how you think it would help you. That's it!

One entry per person. The giveaway closes Monday night, June 13 at 11:59PM. Winner will be selected by and announced on Tuesday, June 14!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Athens, GA Staycation Followup: Kids Eat Free (or Cheap!) in Athens GA

For most families, eating is a big part of vacations. I personally love having a break from cooking and just enjoy someone waiting on me! While researching ideas for the Athens, GA Staycation, I also wanted to find ways to eat frugally with kids. Please note that many of the restaurants listed are franchises and in that, they are locally owned and operated. Not all locations offer these deals as it is up to the individual owners to honor them. 

If they are listed here, I have called to verify these deals in the Athens, GA area. It is your responsibility to call ahead and see that they still honoring these specials. :)

All Kids Menus are 12 and under unless otherwise noted.
After 4PM unless otherwise noted.



  • Brett's -  reduced rate on meals which are only $3-5 regular price and build your own ice cream sundae
  • Barberitoes - free with an adult entree (Epps Bridge and Five Points locations only!)
  • Mellow Mushroom - free off menu with purchase of entree
  • Your Pie - kids eat FREE


  • Beef O Brady's - one free kids meal with a purchase of an adult entree 4-8PM


  • Dickey's BBQ - free with purchase of adult meal and free ice cream included in all meals
  • Zaxby's - 5-8PM .99 kids meal with the purchase of an adult meal


  • Earthfare - free kids meal with purchase of adult entree $5 or more

Where do you like to eat with your kids? Do you know of other ways to eat frugally?
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