Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How I Got My Life Back - Part 1

I've been held hostage for four days out of the month over the last seven years. I would have to cancel plans, give the kids some days off from school (there is no way to call a sub when you homeschool!) and basically hibernate during "that time of the month."

For those of you who know me personally, you will either be thrilled with what you are about to read or horrified I would actually write about this. But when something so miraculous happens, you really wanna share it with the world! And when that miracle could help someone else, you want to shout it from the mountaintops!!!

So here we go! I'm shouting!!!

Like I said, I've been held hostage. My periods were horrid. Pain, weakness, fatigue, headaches, grouchiness, cravings. I could go on and on attempting to describe what I go through each month.

Doctors would say, well, get used to it. It will probably get worse until menopause. (Thanks so much for the sympathy there! Did I really just pay to have you say that to me??)

My dear sweet husband had no clue until recently since usually he would be gone to work while I suffered. The last two years since we moved back to GA he saw more months of the agony than he didn't.

So enter my new friend who right now will remain anonymous since I didn't tell her I was blogging about her. I met her at our new church.

Our conversation went from elderberry syrup to her telling me about her cure from endometosis and fibroids. She was scheduled for surgery but didn't want to have it so she started looking for a cure for her symptoms which were very much like mine. Over three months time she basically cured her symptoms through natural vitamins, minerals and herbs. She quickly began writing down some things for me and well, it worked!!

I have not implemented everything yet. But I am going to share what I did.

Easy huh??

I couldn't believe it myself.

There are a few other things I haven't implemented yet but I will tell you about those next month after I do.

Let me tell ya folks - this is huge for me. Otherwise I wouldn't be discussing this most private thing on my blog.

Normally I would spend these fours days captive in my home. Being a homebody, I love to be home, but not when I am forced beyond my control, ya know? 

Well this weekend, I baked a birthday cake and iced it. Then attended a family function worth five hours. And then went to church on Easter and spent the day with my family. None of this would have been possible had it been a month ago. I would have been in the bed all those days.

If you suffer during your monthly time, please try this. It costs very little and you could be changing your life.

I did.


  1. I can sure relate! I was in the most painful transition phase of giving birth to my son when my midwife said, "Don't worry, this will all be over really soon." I turned to her and said, "Oh, this is fine. I've had periods worse than this." So glad you found a natural remedy that is helping you so much! =)

  2. I really couldn't believe how much it helped. What did you use?


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