Monday, November 7, 2011

Making December Birthdays Special

happy birthday by cafemama

happy birthday, a photo by cafemama on Flickr.

Both of my boys have birthdays in December. They are the first and second weeks of December followed by Christmas the third week. When I learned that I was due on Thanksgiving with my oldest, I began researching how to deal with a birthday at the holidays. I wasn't too worried since he was due at Thanksgiving and he would certainly be here before Christmas was in full of swing. My due date came and went and he was born two long weeks later, a full week into December. Four years later, his brother was born in mid-December, coming a week before his December 20th due date.

I laughingly tell people we party all the month of December. And we really do. But the holiday season in full swing, I feel it is especially important to make my boys feel special even though everyone around them is focused on Christmas.

The Big No-Nos For Christmas Birthdays
  • Do NOT combine presents (birthday/Christmas) since the child's birthday is during the holiday season.
  • Do NOT wrap the birthday present in Christmas paper.
  • Do NOT go to a Christmas function on the night of the child's birthday.
  • Do NOT have a Christmas-themed cake, decorations or card.

Over the next three weeks, I will share how we do birthdays in our house. We are on a very frugal budget so I aim for big impact with little cost.

Next week we will talk about how to decorate for a birthday in the midst of the holidays.


    1. Can't wait to see what your up to..two of my boys are December Birthdays as well...the 16th and 21st :)

    2. Here! Here! My birthday is early December and you have listed many of the pet peeves I had about having a birthday in December. Great job at working to keep the day special for your children!


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