Thursday, February 18, 2010

Money, Money!

This week's math lessons have focused on money. We dumped our big change jar out and I let the boys each have their own piles. They sorted the coins (using the pincher grasp for Music Man) and picked out anything that didn't belong in there (such as screws or foreign money.) Then we talked about what the different coins were and who was on them. The boys are fascinated by the Presidents this month since we just have the holiday and the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington. So we talked about the Presidents a bit as well. Then they were instructed to make $5 out of the coins. Farm Boy decided on two dollars worth of dimes, one of nickles, one from quarters and one from pennies. I showed him how to organize and stack the pennies so he could easier count my tens. Music Man struggled a bit with the difference between nickles, dimes and quarters. I abandoned him creating the dollars and just let him sort. We talked about the different shapes. We'll pick up money again at another time for him.
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