Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blog Name Change

I think I must have been pregnant when I created our website name, The Chandler Family Web Home." It is long and cumbersome and just sounds like something I would think was catchy when I was pregnant. It reminds me of the Christmas tree I created in ALL red and white decorations while we were in Florida and I was pregnant with Adin. It was all red and white.


Red balls. White lights. A red and white paper chain made from scrapbooking paper. Oh yes, I thought it looked good. I don't think it really had any ornaments on it except for candy canes. And we all know what color those are.

So I have decided to change the name of my website after many, many years. We'll try this one out and see if it fits. Let me know what you think. Post em here or email me.

We love you all!

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