Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fleecy Sheets and Undershirts

The top bunk belongs to Farm Boy. My boys do not use a flat sheet to cover with, but each have a quilt my mother made them and topped with their comforters. They always got tangled in the topsheet and they were a pain to straighten every morning.
Without HVAC it gets chilly 'round these parts. Once the temps drop below 50F at night, the boys wear undershirts under their jammies to give them an extra layer of warmth.  It also combats the whineys ("I'm coooold!!!" in the mornings when it is time to dress for the day.

I have always loved the idea of flannel sheets since I am so very cold-natured. Hubby on the other hand scoffs at the idea. I've pondered whether I could make up some fitted sheets with flannel on my side and regular material on the other, but I have gotten that ambitious yet. If we ever move north, I may have to. He is a great sport though and often warms my side of the best so I don't have to get into it and shiver until it warms up. The boys are not so lucky. One of the best things we came up with last year was having topping their fitted sheet with a fleece blanket. My sister gave them some yummy fleece blankets one year for Christmas (embroidered with their names on them 'cause she's cool like that!) They worked perfectly! 

You can see the fitted sheet peeking through. We got the bunk beds from Craigslist back in the summer. They were originally in a college dorm and they look it. But they were very inexpensive - $50 for the set!! They will be refinished in the spring.

Yummy cozyness. I'll be making them some flannel pillowcases as well.
The boys don't have to get in a blustery bed and they stay warm and cozy throughout the night.


  1. I love our fleece sheets too! I definitely need to get some for our kids this season. What else do you do during the day to keep warm? We have propane which gets very expensive. Any suggestions on how to save money in that are and still be warm would be great! Thanks for posting this!

  2. We also have gas and it does get expensive! Layers are a given throughout the day and we wear fleece jackets around the house if there is a chill. I warm up our family room each morning with a yummy baked breakfast (or treat.) I have lots of little things I do that will be going into another blog post pretty soon!

  3. I wish I could layer my kids.... they like to wear as little clothing as possible! :) I can't wait to read that post! I'm sure it will benefit my family greatly this winter season! Thank you for sharing what you do!

  4. That's great! We use flannel sheets. They are a big help. It's already cold here in Iowa. We've been down in the 20's at night. It's only gonna get colder from here. We have gas heat, but use it sparingly. Since we're at work/school during the day we can conserve energy. We love layers and blankets in our house and I even have my own footed pajamas!!


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