Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TOS Review: Math Facts NOW

I hated memorizing math facts as a child. We drilled with flashcards and it was so boring! Although I think it is very important that my kids memorize math facts, I wanted to find a better way than drilling with flashcards until they memorized them. Math Facts Now! IS that better way!

Math Facts NOW! is a desktop computer program that drills all basic operations of math. The parent sets up the program by creating an account for each child, and then makes the assignments. For each assignment, the parent chooses the operation and the specific number(s) you want your child to drill. Parents also designate number of problems that must be completed correctly before the lesson is finished. Parents can even add a reward in for completion of the lesson which shows up after the lesson is completed! The child can then choose the assignment and get to work. A problem must be answered correctly and in the designated time frame (set by the parent between 2 and 60 seconds) or the student must type the problem out a minimum of two times (again set by the parent.) Parents can view and print reports on how assignments are completed. 
Math Facts NOW! is a bargain at $15.95 for the downloadable version or CD version!

Pros: I love this program. It is fun and challenging. Great price!! I love that the program is so customizable to suit each child's needs. Free technical support is offered through phone or email!

Cons: For special needs kids who may take longer to type the answers, it would be nice to set the time limit longer than 60 seconds. Other than that - we loved it!!

I received Math Facts NOW! 2.0  free of charge for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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  1. Thanks Dawn, was just thinking yesterday about 'math facts'!!


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