Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why I Don't Coupon - Part 1

I'm frugal but I don't coupon. Or at least not very often.
10/366:  Sunday Coupons by teamjtx
 photo by teamjtx on Flickr.

Coupons are for people who buy processed foods. Or stuff with junk in them. 
And we don't want no junk around here.

The only coupons available in Sunday circulars are those for products by big food companies that put all kinds of stuff in them I don't wanna eat. Or bathe with. Or clean my clothes with. Or ..... 
Do you see my trend here? 
Occasionally, I will find a coupon in my local heath food store for a product I might buy. Or a treat for the kids. But for the most part I don't use 'em. And I've tried. Believe me I have tried. 

There are only a few things left that I actually buy that I can use a coupon for: coffee, some bagged teas, hubby's toiletries that I can't get him to let go of. That's about it.

So what do I buy without coupons, you ask? Well we'll be talking about that this week.


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