Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Family Update March 08

My last post was right after school started so I will go back to there, catch you guys up and attempt to make this a more regular thing, which was why I started it in the first place. :)

Music Man is in the second grade at Hernando Hills Elementary School. We have four elementary schools in Hernando, each now housing two grades. He is in a regular classroom for homeroom, activity (computer, PE, art, music, library,) lunch and recess. He gets all of his academics however in the sped classroom. He gets a lot of one-on-one attention there but is expected to do his own work. His teachers are wonderful and he is getting his therapies at school. His favorite class is PE although he loves working on his Edmark program in reading. A lot (if not all) of his testing is done orally as he still has a hard time with penmanship and writing and it takes him a very long time to complete an assignment.

Farm Boy is still attending Hernando Baptist's Mother's Day Out program. He goes on Tuesdays and Thursday for a full day and loves it. He's learning a lot and loves to do his "homework" when Music Man is working on his. They each have a few friends that they are close to and we recently had some new neighbors move across the street from us, who are exactly the same age as Music Man and Farm Boy.

Over the weekend, we took the boys and Bella to a state park we had never been to. We hiked 2.5 miles around a lake and had a great afternoon. Everyone was of course exhausted afterwards, but it was a beautiful false-spring day (its 33F as I type this!!!)

I am also working through some paperwork for Remembering Your Baby, trying to get us up and running as an official non-profit organization. The laws in Mississippi are so different from those in GA and FL, I suppose from the not-so-nice non-profits that sprung up after Hurricane Katrina. Anyway, I took a break from that over the holidays and now we are getting started again.


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