Saturday, January 31, 2009

I hate moving

It has been five years since we moved. The last time it was to Hernando from south Florida. We had only been in FL three years and had a lot less stuff. When you stay in one spot (as I guess most people have a tendency to do) you accumulate a lot of stuff. We found things we had actually packed when we graduated from college, moved to Good Hope, then to FL and then to MS without ever really going through it. It would go from place to place and be put into storage and then forgotten about. Well, this time we decided we did not want to move it again. We got most of it gone through, found some crazy stuff we have saved (papers from high school, poetry we had each written - in high school! and other various things that made us laugh.) Well then we got sick. It started with Farm Boy getting a fever virus the Monday before we were supposed to leave MS. Then I got it. Then I got the flu. Then Music Man got the fever virus. And then, just for fun, Jason reacted to an environmental allergy in a job he was finishing up. So we were pitiful. And we couldn't pack, let along think about leaving MS. I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to do before we left. The short of it is, I would probably still been there had a wonderful friend not come in and taken over. He got us packed up and loaded and we were on our way on Tuesday. All of us. Jason was in a very full Rider truck (in anticipation of bad weather coming in - very good decision by the way!) I was in my very full Suburban with two rowdy boys and two freaked out cats. We pulled in Tuesday night about 7:00pm. We were glad to be here, exhausted and wanting warm food and hot showers (we got both and very quickly and then fell into bed.)

Jason and his dad left out on Thursday heading back to Mississippi to get his work trucks and clean up the house. I am so thankful for good friends again as they would probably still not be back had he attempted to do everything on his own. I didn't realize how much we had actually left in MS, but due to some gracious friends, they were able to pack it all in. They were also well fed, well entertained and had a warm place to lay their heads. They got up early Sunday morning and headed out before the snow and ice arrived.

My Saturday was equally eventful. I had been looking for my clothes for three days. I had a few things, but couldn't remember if my clothes were in a box or a suitcase. I had a few things to wear but had no idea what I was going to wear to church on Sunday. Saturday I found them in a suitcase in our closet. Oh yes, you read correctly. My brain was mush. I so painstakingly tried to put my clothes where I could find them (I assume on Wednesday) that I in turn hid them from myself.

So now we are trying to organize our life again. We are staying at Jason's parents' house right now (just 200 yards or so from his grandparent's house where we will be living eventually.) We are slowly unpacking, cleaning out some things we didn't get to clean out before me left (due to the illnesses) and just having a great time hanging out with his parents. We just spent two weeks with them at Christmas, but after being gone from GA for the last eight years we have a lot of catching up to do on "just hanging out." Jason is networking and I am actually working on my resume as well. We are hoping he will be able to continue his landscaping business and also to get back into ministry.

I know many of you are wondering about Music Man and his schooling. That is a separate post. I am working on it but it may be another few days before it is ready to be published.


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