Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year and a New Student

(Note: When we moved to GA last year, we continually hyped to the boys that they would be "farm boys" once they moved to GA. We explained that they would be living in the country full time, something they had only done for a week at a time on visits to see their grandparents. My youngest son quickly adopted the name "Farm Boy" once I began using anonymous names for them online.)

Around Farm Boy's birthday, we gave him the choice between going back to "school-school" or staying home with us. He overwhelmingly chose to homeschool. We continued our regular homeschool plan through the Christmas break taking the week between Christmas and New Year's off, but getting in our regular three days with him during his break. We hit a few snags since he is a rule follower, lol! He kept wanting to tell me how to do things and that I was making a "sad /l/." His teacher at school-school apparently used this term as they were beginning to form their letters. I finally had to tell Farm Boy that Music Man and I wrote differently than he was taught and that he was going to have to choose which way he wanted to write. We'll see.

As we hit the mid-year slump that always visits in January, I am exploring new curriculums. Both boys are on the same level for many things (math, science and social studies.) I am planning to go back to Explode the Code 1 to teach them both all the way through. Farm Boy loves workbooks and worksheets. Music Man does not care for them.

So here we go! Two students! I am so glad to have us all together again and to be embarking fully on this adventure called homeschooling!


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