Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RECIPE: Homemade Syrup

No, I am not telling you how to tap a maple tree, here! Just a recipe for a simple, very frugal, additive-free pancake syrup!

Simple Pancake Syrup
2 c white sugar
2 c dark brown sugar
2 c water

Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Heat until boiling stirring occasionally being careful not to agitate any crystals that may have formed on the sides of the pan. Remove from heat and add 2 T butter. You may also add 1 t vanilla or maple extract if desired (but we usually do not. The butter gives it a wonderful flavor without it! Think Mrs. Butterworth's TM!)


  1. This sounds so good and more importantly soooo easy. I will definitely have to try this since Mrs. Buttersworth is our absolute favorite syrup ever!

  2. Thanks for the great recipe. I am stopping by from the crew and FG homeschooling, I finally went back to the archives and found you. I'm following now and your blog looks great.

  3. I'll have to try your version. We make our own syrup too. Ours is 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water, 2 t of maple flavoring. Occasionally I add some karo syrup. Occasionally.

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Vickie (TOS Crew)

  4. This has me thinking about how I might make my own 'light' syrup. I'd much rather save some $$ compared to buying it at the store.

    Also, welcome on board the TOS Crew this year.

    FM Laura

  5. I've heard of a similar recipe before, but still not tried it. I'll have to make it soon .. thereby having an excuse to make pancakes.
    Now, do you have pancakes for breakfast or dessert in your house. Apparantly it's a topic of debate here in Australia, lol!!
    Catherine (aka alecat, via TOS Crew)

  6. Hi -

    I'm visiting from the TOS Crew Blog Walk.

    My mom used to make this kind of syrup whenever we ran out of the other kind. It's very good.


  7. I'm stopping by on my TOS Crew Blog Walk and this recipe looks so simple and easy thank you!

    (I'm following you now)
    ~Tess from the TOS Crew


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