Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Schoolroom 2011-2012

We are blessed to have a dedicated schoolroom that we can use for most of the regular school year. It does not have air-conditioning but it does have heat. We don't use it from June-September/October though the kids will go in there from time to time to read or play on the floor. I love having a dedicated space and look forward to getting back in there. I am still adding things and the look of it changes here and there, but the feel of the room stays the same.

I have a new (BIG!!) whiteboard coming that was graciously gifted to us by a friend who needed it gone. Beneath it we have plans for some new shelving for our books which seems to multiply by the week. The curtains are a new addition this year. They are so bright and airy - and I just love the colors!! The green twin comforter covering the couch was a thrift store find earlier this year.

We found our desk at an antique mall in January this year. It actually still has the inkwell holes in it. The top flips up to store things inside and even has a small prop stick attached to one side. I hate that their are names carved and written all over them, but it isn't possible to refinish the carvings without compromising the desk. We blame the sillies and distractions on Pete, who as you can see, sat here, at some time in the past.

The room is painted two different colors, pale yellow on two walls and pale green on the other two. It was like that when we moved in. :) The whole room desperately needs a fresh paint, but that will have to wait until I can find something similar in an "oops sale." We are also hoping to add a rug this year (soon!)

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  1. Cool desk in a great room. Thanks for joining the crew blog hop!


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