Saturday, July 25, 2009

Introducing Music Man

This blog is about my homeschool adventures with my special kid, Music Man. He has FG Syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome characterized by heart defects, low muscle tone (hypotonia) and developmental delay along with many other nondescript anomalies. He has been in a center-based program since he was three and has always received good services where we were (first in FL then in MS.) However, after we moved back home to GA, we were unable to get the support he needed. So our homeschooling adventure began. My only regret is that we did not do it sooner. The difference in Music Man has been amazing. He is reading - phonetically!!! He LOVES math. All this coming from a kid we were told would never walk or talk. He is super-focused on school and is able to get his work done without the distractions that plaque a regular or SPED classroom. He also has time to do other things like dance therapy or drum lessons! He only takes a nap a few times a week rather than everyday like he used to. He enjoys co-op and Homeschool PE through local groups. We have a blast eating lunch together every day, visiting the library once a week and park days with friends. It is truly amazing to see how this kid has changed. It was an adjustment for us. But one so worth it!


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