Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer is Sailing By!

Sailing into the susnet
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We are still without internet access at home so my blogging has been sporadic. It has been two months since I blogged and I miss it!!

We are a mere two weeks (!!) away from school starting. I am so unhappy with that, let me tell ya! We had exactly TWO MONTHS, just eight short weeks for summer break. Walton County is leaning more and more towards year-round school. There are periodic breaks throughout the school year called Intersessions and they come a week at a time with a longer one at Christmas and sometimes the traditional Spring Break we grew up having.

All that being said, we are planing to homeschool Noah this year. We have had summer school throughout the summer and we are working well together. He is learning again. We are enjoying spending time with one another and having a great time writing, reading and creating things! I am struggling with sending Adin to kindergarten. I have really enjoyed having both of them this summer. I would love to have both of them home this school year well. The plan right now is to send Adin for kindergarten so I can focus on Noah and then re-evaluate at the end of the year.

I am still looking at curriculum options and deciding what Noah needs. I will update you all on that closer to school starting.

Please pray for us as we embark on this journey of homeschooling. I am very excited but it is a lifestyle change for us. It will also be a little difficult having Adin in school and following a rigorous schedule dictated by the county and Noah and I being able to live while learning and learn by living.

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  1. Wow Dawn can't believe 2 weeks until school starts. Jeremy has 5 1/2 weeks left until school starts. I would be a fan of year round school, that would alleviate our need for ESY.


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