Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Weeks Down and 36 to Go!

No, I am not talking about a pregnancy!! We are two weeks into the school year and it has been a challenge already. My challenge is mainly due to Farm Boy being in public school while Music Man is at home with me. Music Man and I are doing great, (though he still asks (a lot) if he can go play while we are supposed to be doing our schoolwork.) I’ve been reading a lot about homeschooling and the consensus is, for those who do not homeschool from the beginning, that it takes one month (or more) for each year that a child was in public school to de-school and get into homeschool mode. Homeschool is so different. It is not stressful though patience is definitely something I am learning! Music Man thrives on routine so though we do not have to have every minute planned out like a classroom in public school, I do attempt to follow a schedule so he is in a routine. (I think I've found a great system - to be posted early next week!)

Our garden has become a challenge as well as what is left of it is ripening quickly and ready to be “put up.” Then there is the challenge of getting my night owl up for school, snuggled (hope he doesn’t grow out of that for a long time!) fed, dressed and to school on time while getting Music Man ready for our day as well. I can’t very well visit Farm Boy’s school in my pjs so I also have get myself somewhat presentable before we leave the house in the morning.

Farm Boy has to be at school no later than 8:25AM. We try to get out of the house around 8:00AM so he has a little time to “visit” before school starts. Music Man and I get back home around 8:30AM and try to start school about 9:00AM. I would love to start sooner, but usually we have to finish up a few chores before we can get started. We work until noon and then break for lunch. He usually wants to lay down after lunch and naps until we have to get Farm Boy from school. Music Man reads to me and we review in the car on the way to get Farm Boy and then they snack in the car after Farm Boy gets in. I give them a bit of free time when we get home. Farm Boy has the option of joining us at 4:00PM for afternoon reading time (he usually does) and then we break about 5:00PM for the evening. Occasionally we have to working a little longer in the afternoon depending on start time in the morning.

We will soon be adding our extra activities to the schedule: Upward Soccer for Farm Boy, Dance Therapy for Music Man, small group and hopefully drum lessons for Music Man – we are still working on that one. Anyway, that is an update in a nutshell.


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