Thursday, June 30, 2011

Decorating Dilemma: Mostly Mistreated Master Bedroom

So, months and months ago (before Christmas!!) I found some awesome linens at my local thrift store. There were multiple pieces (topsheets and several panels of curtains and though it was so not my typical style and color scheme, I snatched them up. I had been reading Nester for quite some and had been slowly gravitating towards more cool colors especially since there is a lot of dark paneling in our (rental) house. Well, there was no time to mess with them before Christmas so I put them "in a really good spot." (Do you ever do that?) This time I actually DID know that they were in a sewing tote. I just couldn't find THAT particular tote. But, I digress. Here it is JULY and I finally was able to lay my hands on them again. But my thoughts on my bedroom have changed about a dozen times since I bought these beautiful things and well now, I'm not sure.

Mostly Mistreated Master Curtain

I made my curtains during the week in January when we were snowed in. I had planned for them to be totally mistreated, but the fabric was raveling terribly and after months of looking, I couldn't find any affordable trim. I slightly mistreated them by hemming the edges and hanging them plain and simple with drape clips on a conduit curtain rod.

Eventually I will make this bed. I want to paint some large pieces of plywood or something to add some color in there too, kinda like fake walls. I am thinking a dark wood for the bed but may go with a distressed color - not sure yet.

I have an idea for my duvet cover which will be large pieced squares and machine quilted in all white. I cannot wait to get started on that!

An then today when I pulled my beloved fabric out, it had a creamy background instead of the white back ground I remembered.

Can you see through all those wrinkles?
I couldn't believe it. I was thinking all along it was a white background and that my white quilted duvet cover, white and taupe curtains, white bed skirt etc would be perfect. Now I'm not sure. 

Yes, those are empty frames. Still trying to decide what to do with them. I used the nail holes that were there so they are hanging a little wacky right now.
I just realized that you never seen cords in decorator blogs. Man, that looks awful!
Do they even have alarm clocks in their homes?
So what do you think? Does my fabric work even with the white? 


  1. I think the white looks good but I would throw in some bright accent colors and a quilt/throw on the bottom of the bed to liven it up.It would compliment the style of the farmhouse.. kind of a farm/craft style.You may already have some old patchwork quilts and I have seen them at thrift and antique shops for fairly cheap also.. or you could always make one from brightly colored scraps. I'll try to send some pic of what I'm thinking of :)

  2. Since the walls are already dark I would think a dark headboard would just blend in. Have you considered a iron/metal headboard/foot board.I see them sitting around all over the place, even on the side of the roads in the antique shop areas.Some times they are covered in rust but they could be cleaned up and then spray painted with a rust proof paint... maybe a pretty color or even black.
    What if with the curtain you added an extra strip of fabric at the bottom in an unexpected color.. even if they hung a little or a lot extra at the bottom it would kind of bunch loosely at the floor it would look pretty and soft? mostly simple but a little touch of surprise for good cheer :)

  3. Thank you so much for the great ideas, Bay! I love the pics you sent me!!


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