Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mighty Macs (A Review)

I love a good movie. But I have loved very few sports movies. Mainly because I have seen very few good sports movies. And The Mighty Macs is a good sports movie. But there is so much more than sports in The Mighty Macs. Set in 1971, Cathy Rush is a recently married woman whose odds are against her. The world (and her husband) are still pulling her to stay home and be a wife. She wants to pursue a dream. 

A catholic women's college whose financial books are in the red, doesn't seem like the likely place to create a basketball program, especially when they have no gym. But that is exactly what happened to Immaculata College. With no support from the administration and with continuing issues at home, Cathy Rush pushes through and builds a team.
And what's more, my children can see it. It is Rated G! It was clean and wholesome and taught morals. The theme of going for your dreams, working hard, and being part of a team radiate throughout the movie. 
I was still smiling the morning after I saw it. Seriously. And movies just don't do that for me. :)  I was even more impressed to learn that this is the first movie produced by Quaker Media. We need more movies like this. 
I'd like to encourage you to get out and see this movie - see it this weekend if at all possible!!
The Mighty Macs opens today, Friday,October 21, 2011. See it. You won't be disappointed.


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