Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TOS Review: Math Mammoth

I became familiar with Math Mammoth last year when it was recommended to me by a friend. At first glance I was impressed by the ease of the website and the cost of the curriculum. We ordered a couple of ebooks that we thought would be most helpful to round out our first grade year (Money and Clock.) Once I started really looking into them, I was thrilled that I had found such a great thing at such a bargain price!

As I began planning for this current school year, I looked again at Math Mammoth. Not only do they offer individual ebooks for practice on specific subjects, they also offer complete curriculum by grade level. I settled on the Second Grade Curriculum.

One of the things I like best about Math Mammoth is that it is self-teaching! I can sit my kids down with 2-3 worksheets and everything they need to know is right there! Perfect for a mama who hates math and really struggles with not showing her hatred for math to her kiddos!

What to Teach When
Math Mammoth has full curriculum options as well as individual supplement volumes for different subjects. If you are having trouble deciding where to start, free placement tests are available to help you decide where your child needs to begin. We took the First Grade End of the Year Test and found we were right on target for starting with Grade 2.

What's It Gonna Cost Me?
Individual downloadable volumes start around $3.00 with the printed individual volumes around $10. Math Mammoth is available in downloadable and printed volumes at a variety of places around the web.

Other Products 
Make it Real Learning (Grades 3-6)
Had we been ready for this, I would have chosen MIR over the Second Grade Curriculum since my boys love hands-on activities. I will be looking at this for next school year.

States by Numbers
In the spirit of Make It Real Learning, this social studies curriculum teaches in depth about each state in their own individual workbooks.

Check It Out
There are over 300 freebies in your choice of two formats to introduce you to Math Mammoth. This was my first introduction to Math Mammoth and it sold me on their products!

Final Word
We love it. What more can I say? Give the freebie package a try and I think you will love it too!

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received Math Mammoth Grade 2 Complete Curriculum free of charge from Math Mammoth for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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