Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did It Have Corn Syrup In It?

Jason came home from work pretty late for a Saturday. Adin was anxiously awaiting their snuggle time and had his "Bible" all ready for Daddy to read. Jason read to him and of course Adin asked for several more stories. Jason, being exhausted from the week and day asked Adin to read to him instead. We love it when Adin "reads" to us, making up what he thinks the story is by what is going on in the picture. They went though several stories and then went back to Adam and Eve. Adin is full of questions at all time and even though he is "reading" he is asking a lot of 'Whys.'

Adin: Daddy why are they sad? (meaning Adam and Eve)
Jason: Because they did something they weren't supposed to do and God was punishing them for it. Like when you do something bad and Mommy and Daddy have to punish you.
Adin: Mm hmm. Why they did something bad?
(.... several questions and answers back and forth about Adam and Eve ....)
Jason: ... and it was bad that they did that and they should not have eaten it. (the apple)
Adin: Did it have corn syrup in it?

I lost it. I had been folding laundry in the living room hearing the whole conversation and story time.

We have recently eliminated corn syrup from the boys' diet and Adin assumes everything "bad" has corn syrup in it. How absolutely precious!


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