Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are button-less!!

Music Man got his mickey button (G-Tube) out Wednesday afternoon! We went in for a checkup and to talk about getting it out.

The doctor said, "Well, mom, when do you want it out?"
"As soon as possible!"
"Well, let me go get a syringe!" and off he went!

Music Man was very upset about losing his button (he hates change!) But he did beautifully and after a few hours quit whining about not wanting it out. He hates the band-aid over it and picks at it constantly, but I am afraid he will pick at the hole if we take it off before it is completely healed. The hole inside his body is closed (it started closing immediately. We got back in a month to have him check it. We have kept a band-aid over it to keep him from messing with it and to catch whatever might leak out. It is healing beautifully! It is so strange to not see it under his clothes but so wonderful to bear hug him without worrying about the button!


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