Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Have a Pre-Teen????

When did this happen? I am NOT ready for this!! Yesterday we went to our regular pediatrician for a normal yearly checkup. (We somehow missed it last year and it was time to get all of Music Man's scripts for therapy updated so we just did this year's check up a few months early.) Our pediatrician is wonderful and we only see him when we go for Music Manbecause he knows Music Manso well and is fabulous with him. Anyway, everything checked out fine, we talked a bit about other appointments we are scheduled for and of course checked his height and weight etc. Well, the little general info sheet for the age of child check-up actually said PRE-TEEN CHECKUP at the top. Oh my! Where oh where did the time go? A pre-teen!! The good news is that he only has to get these checkups every other year now. We do have to go back for his Flu Shot and Hep A if we decide to do that one.

Height: 51 1/2" (40%)
Weight: 49 lbs (5%)

Those numbers look so ominous when written down. He is still on the same growth pattern he has always been on but I sure would like to figure out how to put a little weight on him!

1 comment:

  1. Dawn - Pierce was 13 in April and weighs 53 the negative 5th percentile - when you figure out how to get weight on Noah, let me know and I will try it on Pierce. Jackie


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