Friday, February 25, 2011

TOS Review: Math Rider

My boys are in love with learning math facts. They BEG me to work on them everyday. Several times a day. Wondering how I got them to LOVE learning math facts? I sent them on a quest. To save a princess. On horseback. In Mathland.

It was brilliant really. Wish I could take credit for it. But alas, it was not I, but the amazing folks who created the math program for our latest review.

Math Rider is an interactive intelligent math game where a player completes certain tasks to earn quest points. The tasks are completed by riding your horse through Mathland. There are hurdles to jump as you make your way through the quest. The stories are cute and players can check their progress on a map after completing part of the journey. Returning a gem and rescuing a princess are much more fun than flashcards. Seriously. ;)

Math Rider adapts to what the child knows and struggles with. More difficult problems are repeated until the child answers them easily. The speed of riding changes as well depending on how fast the problems are answered. Math Rider is great for learning the all the basic math operations. Because the controls are easy (typing the answer and pressing enter) Music Man was able to handle this game easily as well.

Then the child (or mom can check the progress at the end of the run and see what was accomplished. I always have my boys call me over to the computer when they finish a run so we can talk about the problems they were struggling with. they also like to show me where they are in the quest by clicking the animated map.

The statistics screen also allows you to see the problem areas.

Practice runs allow a player to choose a specific number or numbers to practice but they do not count towards your quest. Since we started our math facts with the higher numbers rather than the lower numbers, I would have loved the option to choose in the actual quest. There are four difficulty levels with different story lines (quests) to complete.
  • Easy (0-5) 
  • Medium (0-10)
  • Advanced (0-12)
  • Master
 We worked hard to try to get to Master but never made it past 22% mastery in addition. (I think that was due to us starting with the 9s instead of the lower numbers when we began learning math facts.) I think I'll be buying this game so he can finish the quest. :) The price is a steal for the joy of watching them learn math facts on their own!!

Want to see it in action??

 From the website::
System Requirements:
MathRider uses the Adobe® AIR™ runtime. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You will need about 80MB of available hard disk space on your computer and your monitor (and graphics card) need to support at least a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.
Order Math Rider through instant download for only $37!

And always a big plus in my book: a 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee!!

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew I received a two-month download of Math Rider from Sharper Edge Pty Ltd free of charge for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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