Friday, April 22, 2011

TOS Review: Art Class by See The Light

Farm Boy has been drawing stick figures since he could work a pencil and has recently grown increasingly interested in drawing. When See the Light's Art Class arrived, he immediately began preparing for what we were going to be taught by gathering his supplies, counting his spending money for real art pencils and eraser and sneaking handfuls of copy paper out of my printer. With supplies in tow, we soon sat down to view the first lesson. 
The Art Class DVD Series is divided into nine volumes that each build on the next. We began with Volume 1 - The Basics for this review and had four lessons which included Tools of the Trade, It All Starts With a Line, Contours and Composition and Draw What You See. A Bonus Lesson, Chalk-It-Easy Chalk Art Lesson with artist Gloria Kohlman was also included in Volume 1!

Sprinkled with "art history and biblical truth," Art Class is more than just drawing lessons. I loved how Master Artist Pat Knepley was friendly and open with the audience telling us exactly what to do and how to do. She was very encouraging throughout the lessons and made us want to practice when we finished each lesson!

One thing that was a huge bonus for me was that there is nothing else to buy! You need basic supplies throughout the series. I love how Ms. Knepley told us in the first lesson (and throughout) that we use use a regular pencil and plain paper. This is a great thing for families with multiple kids who can all watch and draw together without investing too much more than the DVDs themselves. (We chose to invest in a set of drawing pencils and an artist eraser from a craft store - on sale with a coupon!) The softer lead of the drawing pencil and white artist eraser were better than we had been using - a plain ol' No.2 lead pencil and pink eraser! She did make it clear that we could continue using those, but that the softer lead and white artist eraser made things easier. And they did!
The entire Art Class series is available as a nine volume set for $99.99. You may also choose an online subscription for $9.99 per month. 

Art Class Series
Vol 1 The Basics (Get Vol 1 FREE!!)
Vol 2 Shape and Space 
Vol 3 Value and Color
Vol 4 Color Blending Techniques
Vol 5 Proportion for Composition
Vol 6 Texture and Form
Vol 7 Perspective for Landscape
Vol 8 Balance and Foreshortening
Vol 9 The Portrait
Other items by See the Light include The CrossMaker (Easter Story and art lessons) and The Gift of Love (Christmas Story and art lessons) available at $14.99 each. Demos and samples of these are available on the website as well.

Get Vol 1 FREE by requesting it online! You can also view them free lessons online.

Pricing Info 
The CrossMaker and The Gift of Love Individual DVD $14.99
Art Class Series 9 Vol Set $99.99  (Get Vol 1 FREE!!)
Online Subscription $10.00/month

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew I received Art Class Vol. 1 free of charge from See the Light for the purpose of review. 
No other compensation was received.


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