Friday, April 29, 2011

TOS Review: Greek 'n' Stuff

Greek? For elementary school students? Seriously?

I admit that I was a bit surprised. Maybe a bit concerned. I mean, my kids don't fully understand English and then I'm gonna throw another language at 'em?

Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek is a curriculum for elementary homeschool students designed as a basic introduction to biblical Greek. The workbooks are packed full of fun activities and information and gives kids a good basis for the beginnings of biblical Greek. First up is learning the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. They learn the names and how to write them. Included in the worktext are flashcards that help solidify their knowledge of the alphabet.

My kids now know the Greek alphabet and can even sing an adorable little Greek Alphabet Song just like they learned their ABCs in English! (Mom knows the Greek Alphabet Song too - it's rather catchy!!)

For additional  learning (and to keep up over the summer with what was learned this year,) a supplemental ebook, Biblical Greek Alphabet Practice Pages is available for immediate download for only $12.95. (I LOVE this since I am planning to continue our Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! studies next year!)

What To Teach When
Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!
  • The Reader - primary (preschool) introduces the alphabet
  • Level 1 - recognizing, reading and writing the Greek Alphabet
  • Level 2 - vocabulary
  • Level 3 - introduces grammar
Each of the upper levels (through Level 8) review and build on the level before.

According to the website, by Level 3, it is recommended that students spend some time each day in an Greek Interlinear New Testament starting with the Gospel of John. I am seriously excited about my kids reading a Greek Bible before their daddy even begins his Greek studies in seminary.

Other Products by Greek 'n' Stuff

Latin's Not So Tough! A Classical Latin Curriculum

Alone With God Bible Studies 

What's It Gonna Cost Me?
Greek Reader

Greek Student Workbooks
$14.95 - 28.95 per level 
Greek  "Flashcards on a Ring"
$6.00-$8.00 per level

Pronunciation CD
$10.00 (per 2 levels) 
Supplemental eBook
Bible Copybook - The Gospel of John $25.95 (Level 3 and above) 
Each level is also available in two different sets.

Check out all the Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! products or download some samples

Greek? For elementary school students? Seriously?


And it rocks!!

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew I received "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!" free of charge from Greek N Stuff for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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