Friday, July 1, 2011

A Camping We Will Go

Two days ago, my husband came home from work and told me that we were going camping this weekend. I was super excited but slightly freaked because of my over-planning nature. Two days was a very short amount of time to plan a long weekend away. Camping. During the biggest holiday of the summer. Oh and did I mention it isn't something that we do regularly. So it isn't like I am really prepared to just go camping with two days notice.

Well, then I remembered.

Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship just came out with the 2nd Edition of her family camping cookbook, Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods.

Kitchen Stewardship was one of the first real foods websites I found. I read everything she posts (almost immediately most days!) I have learned so much from her in the almost year that I have been reading her blog. And let me tell ya, that girl researches. Her posts are thorough and informative and she makes you think. A lot. And completely analyze everything you put in your mouth. Or your family's mouths. Read her blog. You won't be sorry.

Katie has made meal planning while camping super simple for traditional (real) food eaters. Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods contains 14 new recipes, 35 in all! There are printable packing and to-do lists, which are awesome for planners and list makers like me!! I was quickly able to plan my menu and move on with that part of the preparation process.

Her other two ebooks, Healthy Snacks to Go and The Everything Beans Book are also amazing!

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  2. My husband has been threatening a camping trip this summer. We have some mountain land we've never camped on. He's mentioned making it a "boys" trip which is fine by me. :-) If he changes his mind, I'll have to check out these books.

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