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TOS Review: Vintage Remedies

My friends and family think I'm weird. It started five years ago when we began treating Music Man's ADHD with diet instead of medicine. We took artificial flavors and colors out of our diet and began eating differently than most of those around us. It took some getting used to but we soon adjusted and we are so much healthier for it. As my kids got older they began questioning some of the decisions I make related to our eating habits. It was challenging when we would visit family and friends who still ate what we called "bad food." 

Enter Vintage Remedies for Guys.


This extra-curriculum course explains why we eat like we do. It tells in simple terms what the bad stuff is in foods in our grocery stores. Pointing out which ingredients, that while approved for human consumption, are not the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. My kids are now starting to get the "why" of how we eat and not just the "what" (eat this not that because mom says it is healthier) - and it always helps when someone else backs up what mom says! (Is that a tween thing?)

Vintage Remedies for Guys is a how-to on living a healthy lifestyle. Divided into three sections covering Food and Nutrition, Health and Body and Natural Living, this book tells why we need to take care of our bodies and exactly how to do it. Growing up I was told, "Take care of your body, it's the only one you'll get." But I wasn't really told how to do that.

My boys love to help in the kitchen and Vintage Remedies for Guys has recipes both nourishing and hygienic. I love that the chapters are organized with information written to the students and also to the parents (including a supply list for the projects in each chapter!)

Many of the homemade bath product recipes are great for the kids to make for Christmas gifts!

What to Teach When
Vintage Remedies for Guys
Vintage Remedies for Girls
Vintage Remedies for Tweens
ages 7-13 years

Vintage Remedies for Kids
ages 2-6

What's It Gonna Cost Me?
Vintage Remedies for Guys

Vintage Remedies for Girls 

Vintage Remedies for Kids

Vintage Remedies for Tweens
(the combo Guys and Girls books)
$29.95 (Available Feb. 2012)

Other Products 
Online Adult Courses

Check It Out
Vintage Remedies for Kids Coloring Sheets
8 Weeks to Real Foods (an ecourse) begins Jan 2, 2012

Final Word
When we began our journey to real food, my boys were seven and three. They didn't really fight me on the changes since they were so young. Music Man hardly ate anything anyway so he didn't really care either.

I wish Vintage Remedies for Kids had been available back then. It would have been easier to teach them why we were packing real food in their lunch boxes instead of the pre-packaged junk that their friends we eating.

I seriously recommend these books for anyone with kids. It is easy to understand and a great way to set down good habits before adulthood.

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received Vintage Remedies for Guys free of charge from Vintage Remedies for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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