Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snowball Balloon Ornament

Martha Stewart's Snowy Balloon Ornament
Can you believe it is February? I certainly cannot. Though the calendar says it is winter, my part of Georgia has not really seen winter weather yet. It is totally bizarre to listen to my boys through an open window while they jump on the trampoline out in the yard without jackets! And I am sitting at my desk in a tee shirt.

This month's ornament is one I have wanted to make for some time. I want them in all colors to match my living room though we will probably end up making them in red, white and green. Wouldn't they be neat in a tri-colored Christmas yarn?

I grew up with what we called The Grown-Up Tree and The Kid Tree. The Grown Up Tree was a live tree, usually cedar. It was in the living room where you entered the house and it matched our living room, white lights, ornaments perfectly spaced. It was basically my mom's tree.

The Kid Tree was in the den. It had colored lights and funky ornaments my sister and I made through the years. That was where Christmas was for us, where we put the presents and where we sat and gazed at our tree.

I have only had one tree in my house since leaving home. I am considering a Grown-Up Tree and a Kid Tree when we get settled again.

Do you have multiple trees in your house? What rooms are they located in? 


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